Look Cute, Save Money!

As yoga teachers, we all know that saving money is a priority. But – we also want to look and feel good! Now I know that yoga isn't about consumption, spending money, or what you look like – but I know that when I feel good, I act better too! Sometimes I'll head out to a yoga class because my outfit is super cute and I don't want to waste it at home.


Ok, maybe that isn't true, but I do believe that wearing nice yoga clothes or using a mat that you love can help you reclaim your passion for your practice.

Below, I've compiled a short list of companies that offer discounts to yoga teachers. If I've missed any (which I know I have,) leave me a comment or shoot me a message!


lululemon’s Lead in Sweat discount is “a community built of the world’s sweatiest leaders.” As a yoga teacher, fitness instructor, or professional in the fitness world, you are eligible for a 25% discount across all lululemon products. You can sign up through their website, and discounts apply online and in-store. It’s so great to be able to purchase one of the most popular fitness clothing brands at a discounted price, and the customer service from their representatives is excellent.

jade yoga

Registered yoga teachers can apply to be a Pro or Yogi Ambassador with Jade Yoga here. My first yoga mat was a Jade travel mat – it’s the mat I took to my 200 hour training, and I’ve used it so much I have literally worn through the top layer! The two different ambassador levels give you different levels of discounts and opportunities, and applications are assessed through an online form. I believe this is US-only, but if you’re based in the States or have a mailing address there, I’d definitely recommend applying, as it seems like you can receive up to 40% off of products!


Now, of course I have to recommend Halfmoon – as the customer service representative (who also write blog posts, schedules Facebook and helps out wherever needed) I am obsessed with our products, especially the new silk collection, and the meditation cushions. Teachers can receive a 25% discount on all products, which is so great for building up your prop collection at home! You can apply here – make sure to write me a lovely message as I’ll be the one assessing your application!


As a member of the BYoga ambassador program, you will receive a unique discount code to receive a gift of 50% off of online purchases. I've used their travel mat, and I can tell you that it is GRIPPY! And who doesn't love a grippy mat?


Alo Yoga
Alo is my favourite yoga clothing brand, and it’s super hot right now. You can apply for their Pro Program here to receive 30% off of all clothing! I believe that it’s a little more exclusive than some other programs, and not all applicants get approved.

I am obsessed with my peacock yoga pants from onzie. I love how their pants are super stretchy and also super long (for someone as tall as me, lots of yoga pants end up being 7/8th length). I applied by sending an email to the Onzie team, and they responded with a discount program on their clothing!

I hope this was a little useful to anyone looking for cute clothes and mats. If anyone has any other suggestions (this girl loves shopping and sales) then let me know! Happy shopping!