The BEST Smoothies in Vancouver

If I could live on smoothies, I probably would. And living in Vancouver means that we're never short of places to go to pick up a delicious delight for a meal or a snack. As much as I try to prep my own food and bring my meals and snacks out and about with me every day, sometimes that isn't realistic, and I have to find something to get me through an afternoon.

Keep reading for a countdown of my top five smoothies in the city!


5: Banana Turmeric from The Juice Truck

No blog post about Vancouver smoothies would be complete without a Juice Truck mention. In my opinion, Juice Truck are the OG's of smoothies and juices in the city. Their 5th Avenue store is super close to where I work, so they're a pretty frequent stop for me as I go about my day. My favourite indulgent treat from here is the Banana Turmeric smoothie. The ginger adds an amazing kick, and I am SUCH a sucker for dates in smoothies. I love when you get a little chunk of date that you can chew on. That's gross, but now I guess you know a little more about me! I usually ask for half of the usual banana amount here, as the dates make it sweet enough.

4: Greenacolada from Body Energy Club

Another staple on the Vancouver health-nuts radar, Body Energy Club has several locations around the city. Although they make some killer acai bowls, my favourite smoothie here is definitely Greenacolada (and not just for the name). With spinach, lime, banana, mango, coconut milk and vegan protein, this smoothie is so huge and so filling. They have a bunch of add-ons you can choose if you like – and make sure you sign up for their rewards program, as I literally ALWAYS get free or discounted smoothies after buying protein for home!

3: Engineer from Radicle Juice

This Main Street Staple is something ELSE. With some crazy flavours like basil and bee pollen, you can always count on them for something incredible. However, my favourite smoothie from here is the "Engineer" – Mint, Cacao Nibs, Spinach, Banana, Vanilla Protein & Almond Milk. It pretty much tastes like a thin mint cookie, but like... BETTER. I add chia seeds to this for some healthy Omegas, 

2: Daily Special from TurF

TurF is one of my favourite spots in Kits – it's like a weird clique that's kind of strange unless you're there and a part of it. They have a daily special with local ingredients – it changes most days and is always nice for a surprise when you can't make a decision! You can also add different add-ins – ashwaganda, maca powder, bee pollen etc. SO good for after a workout!


1: Matcha Smoothie from Glory Juice

This is 100% my go-to smoothie. I love the little bit of energy I get from the green tea, and I always add vanilla protein for some more goodness. Glory makes the THICKEST smoothies, and this one is just $10 – which is pretty decent if you're drinking it for a meal! I love that it also contains coconut oil – to keep me satiated, and spirulina – to make sure I get ALL kinds of greens in my body.

I hope this was a little interesting or helpful if you're in the city and looking for a light meal or a snack – let me know if I missed your favourite, or if you have any suggestions for me!