The Chakra Series: Root

Disclaimer: I am not in any way trained formally on this, and all of my writing here comes from my own research. I don't proclaim any magical, scientific benefits, but I do believe that there's a lot of really interesting and relevant research on the chakra system out there – here are my musings.

root chakra

The root chakra, or the first chakra, is exactly what it sounds like. It is the foundation for your body – stable, sturdy and supportive. Because of its basic nature – the association with the base of the spine and pelvic floor – it is responsible for your sense of security and survival. Therefore, it's also connected to whatever you use to ground yourself – basic needs such as food, water, safety and shelter, as well as your more emotional needs.


When these needs are in line, everything in life seems easier.

When these needs are not in line, a variety of ailments can occur. This is caused by a blockage in the root chakra – anxiety and fear are two that affect me the most.

There are many ways to open the root chakra – some of my favourites include hiking and healthy cooking – both ways that help me connect with the earth. The main idea is to work at growing your ”roots” in a safe and comfortable environment.


To open and balance the first chakra, poses such as forward bends and standing poses help individuals become more connected to the earth. Warrior II and seated forward bends work best for me, particularly when held for extended periods.

Drinking earthy teas – ones that are spicy and full of warmth can also help to open the root chakra. My favourites are rooibos infusions with cardamom or orange – perfect for winter evenings after crazy days.


Winter is the perfect time to reconnect with the root chakra – this is the time we want to be eating earthy foods, drinking all the warm, grounding drinks, and begin our new year, new you resolutions. So for the rest of this winter – get connected, get grounded, and get real.